Wednesday, May 25, 2005

life on the rock

It's a gorgeous spring day.. yes.. spring starts late above the 45th paralell.. I just planted two gardens.. one is about 250 square feet of veggies.. herbs and some shade flowers in the corner.. and another circle garden of flowers.. I'm beside myself with excitement.. as every time.. it seems like magic when things begin to sprout and bloom! My work is slow.. but I am fine with that as I am getting into creating a home with my boyfriend Hugh. He has a cabin in the woods here on the backside of the island, (which is a big rock.. the island is only 8.2 miles in circumference) he has a golden retriever named Cedar.. whom I'm in love with also. He made this cabin with his own two hands.. I'm impressed .. and he insulated it very well so that I can be comfortable here in the winter! yes.. me in winter in Michigan.. that's something I never thought I'd do.. but it's fun.. cross country skiing, snowmobiling across the ice.. making bread and beer and soup.... now that the ice is melted.. it's still liquid death if I fell in....but we take the boat ( a 16' aluminum) across the the mainland.. or around the town.. it's cool. we'll go canoeing and camping over on the next island that is uninhabited.. mostly though.. I'm watching my garden grow. that's where I"m at today.